• Keemun Imperial Black Tea

Keemun Imperial Black Tea
The fresh leaves for making this tea grew in the original producing area of Keemun tea, at an average elevation of 800 m above sea level. The one bud with one leaf (which just starts to open up, called Chu zhan "初展") is hand-plucked for making this tea around the Chinese season of Qing Ming in early spring days. These fresh first-plucking leaves for making are loaded with nutrients and hence the finished dry leaves are neat and bold with high percentage of tiny golden tips. There is a sweet, mellow taste which creates a pleasant smooth sensation in your mouth. Overall, the first infusion of this tea is high in roasted sweet potato flavor mixed somewhat flower aroma, the second infusion is very mellow and the third infusion‘s lingering sweet and fragrant aftertaste will give you more enjoyment.

Tea Information
Growing area: Qimen, Huangshan, Anhui, China
Type: Black tea
Season: Spring tea
Harvest date: April, 2023
Dry leaf: The black bloom leaves are curly, wiry and well twisted with a high percentage of tiny golden tips.
Aroma: Roasted sweet potato aroma mixed with lingering aroma.
Liquor color: Clear orange red
Mouthfeel: Smooth and soft with rich aromas of roasted sweet potato
Tea species: Keemun Zhuye
Fermentation: Fully fermented
Caffeine: low, about 20% per cup
Storage: Keep in the airtight container away from high temperature, sunlight, moisture and abnormal smell.
Shelf Life: 36 months

About China Keemun Black Tea:

Keemun Black Tea's main producing area lies in Qimen(Keemun) County, Anhui Province. The unique climate and proper soil produces the first-class Keemun Black Tea in the world. Keemun black tea is one of the world's three high-Hong, China's national affairs over the years has been the tea ceremony.

The production of black tea in Keemun started from 1875. Keemun black tea win the praise of “one of the best three high aroma teas in the world” and “the queen of fragrance”.

It is important to remember that Chinese speciality teas (and not just Keemun) taste best on the second or third brewing of the same leaves.

Keemun is widely recognized as the finest black tea from China, and considered by many to be one of the finest teas available throughout the world. The appearance of keemun black tea is slender and elegant. The reddish brown tea liquor is tasted lightly roasted and brisk. Its flavor is full bodied, deep and rich, with just a hint of smokiness.

Known as the "Burgundy of Tea" due to its superb bouquet. It is mellower than the black teas of Assam and Ceylon, and has a lower caffeine content. It has an orchid-like aroma and naturally sweet, fruity palate.

Finer breakfast blends often feature Keemun as a main ingredient due to its depth, pleasing rose like aroma, and excellent acceptance of both milk and sugar.


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Keemun Imperial Black Tea

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