Kaihua Longding Tea - China's National Geographical Indication.

Kaihua Longding Tea, a specialty product of Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, is a product of China's National Geographical Indication.

Kaihua Longding Tea is produced in Baiyun Mountain, Qixi Township, Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, and belongs to green tea. The tea is picked during Qingming and Grain Rain, and selects one bud and one leaf or one bud and two leaves on the top of the vigorous and robust branches as raw materials. The frying process of Kaihua Longding tea is divided into five processes: fixing, rolling, initial drying, stripping, and drying. Kaihua Longding Tea is a famous tea rookie in China. In 1985, in the famous tea competition in Zhejiang Province, it won the honorary certificate of famous tea issued by the Food Industry Association, and was named one of the national famous teas in China in the same year.


The finished product of Kaihua Longding tea has a tight and straight appearance, with buds and leaves forming into flowers, with a fragrant and lasting aroma, with orchid or chestnut aroma, fresh and mellow taste, sweet aftertaste, apricot green, clear and bright soup color, and the bottom of the leaves is fat and tender, uniform and mature. Duo, resistant to brewing. "The color of dry tea is green, the soup is clear and green, and the bottom of the leaves is bright green", which are the main characteristics of Kaihua Longding. Kaihua Longding Bud tea is compact and straight, jade green is bright and clean, and the aroma is elegant, which can be enjoyed.

Quality characteristics of Kaihua Longding: Appearance - Tight and straight, with silvery green hair; Aroma - Rich and lasting, with orchid and chestnut fragrance, especially orchid fragrance is the top grade; Taste - Fresh, mellow and refreshing, with a sweet aftertaste; Soup color - Apricot green, clear, bright; leaf bottom - fat and tender, even, into flowers. The unique style of the inner quality is high and lasting, fresh, mellow and refreshing, apricot green is clear, and it is evenly formed into flowers. After the "Kaihua Longding" tea is brewed, it is not only green in color and fragrant, but also the tea leaves stand in the cup, which has the reputation of "the forest in the cup".

Unique tea-making process: Specifically, from Qingming to Guyu, select fresh leaves with long leaf shape, early germination, dark green color, many hairs, and soft leaves, and use one bud or one leaf or one bud. The initial development of two leaves is the standard. After picking - spreading green - fixing green - stripping - rubbing - drying until the hair is slightly white, fry it in a slanted pan at 100 °C until it is fine, and then bake it until it is dry enough, thus creating its "Three Greens": dry tea is green, soup is green, and the bottom of the leaves is green. "Three musts": high and lasting fragrance, sweet and refreshing taste, and erect shape, and its "needle shape" of dry tea has become Chinese needle shape. The representative of green tea, together with the representative of flat-shaped green tea "West Lake Longjing", is called "two wonderful flowers" of Chinese green tea by industry experts.

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